83-year-old woman robbed of 60,000 euros in jewelry

An 83-year-old woman from Capelle aan den IJssel was robbed of jewelry yesterday, which together is worth around 60,000 euros. The thieves, a man and a woman, entered the woman’s house with a chat trick. They disappeared without a trace after the theft.

One of the thieves stood with the woman in the elevator of the apartment complex where she lives around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon. He told her that he was busy with the water supply in the building.

When the woman returned to her apartment, the doorbell rang. The same man stood at the door. He said he was in charge of the neighbors and asked if he could also check the pipes in the woman’s house. The woman let him in and a woman who was with him.

Merciless and cowardly

The resident walked with the man to the bathroom to have the tap checked. At that moment the woman probably went into the bedroom, “to strike at it mercilessly, cowardly and without any remorse,” the police write. When the pair was gone, the victim’s jewelry turned out to be gone.

Agents have done a neighborhood investigation, but as yet without results, reports Rijnmond. The police hope to get in touch with people who know more.

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