The National Court judges a man from tomorrow for spreading jihadist material on Facebook

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for 5 years in prison for terrorist exaltation and self-indoctrination


The National Court will judge Nourredine R. from this Monday, a man who spread between 2014 and 2016 through his Facebook profile 66 images and a video of a jihadist nature. The Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of the crimes of exalting terrorism and terrorist self-indoctrination, and he is interested in a sentence of five years in prison.

According to the indictment of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, he shared images with direct references to jihadism whose purpose was to exalt violent activities of armed groups. And, although in that two-year period there was an increase in his activity on the Internet, it stopped when he decided to take security measures.

It also points out that this activity in networks goes hand in hand with events of geopolitical relevance, such as the proclamation of the Caliphate by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in June 2014 or the different actions of the Global Jihad Movement (MYG). This dissemination on networks was preceded by the possession of propaganda materials with which he indoctrinated himself in the violent jihad and which were found on his devices when his address was searched.

Among the seized, they found, for example, images of the ‘Sahada’ – the declaration of faith in a single god – in white on a black background with the inscription in Arabic of ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet’. The Public Ministry recalls that the Sahada written in those colors has “a clear warlike connotation in the jihadist ideology” and was used as a banner by groups such as Al Qaeda and DAESH.


Among the images that he released, the prosecutor says that there were many jihadist flags or banners that always accompanied people who carry weapons. In one of them you can see a hooded man in military clothing holding a short weapon and whose figure is accompanied by a text: “The reckoning has already begun.”

In the defendant’s devices they also found several videos, including one in which it was observed how the word Allah had been written on the sole of some shoes, which claimed to be made in Spain. In this way, the prosecutor says, they generated a hate speech towards the Spanish population.

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To all this, the Public Ministry adds that in the registry they found more images in which the path of Jihad, the ideology of DAESH and the Mujahideen was exalted.

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