The mother of the Abbasi family has been granted a residence permit

After much attention, the three Abbasi siblings Taibeh, Yasin and Ehsan were granted residence in March 2020. The mother of the children, Atefa Rezaie, was not granted residence. The family had previously been forcibly returned to Afghanistan.

On April 22 this year, the family was informed by UNE that mother Atefa Rezaie has also been granted temporary residence in Norway, according to Address.

– I’m happy, but very tired. Finally I can relax, she says.

The decision from Une states that she «receives a residence permit for 1 year, which can be renewed. Have the opportunity to get a permanent residence permit later. Will be allowed to work in Norway. “

Abbasi’s lawyer says that the case is considered finished, but that the solution is cumbersome.

– The case is mainly resolved. They must live in Norway. But there is doubt about identity. Therefore, it is a more cumbersome and uncertain solution, than normal progression in such cases. They must apply for renewal every year. It provides limitations

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