International carriers must also fill in the CovidPass – in Latvia – News

The certificate must be completed and must be completed no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the border.

The questionnaire must include your name, e-mail address, type of entry, list of countries visited in the last 14 days, and other relevant information. It must be completed each time you cross the border. In addition, the driver needs to note that this is a working visit to fulfill the obligations of the merchant. After filling in the questionnaire, the immigrant receives a QR code, which is a mandatory requirement to cross the state border. In cases where the driver does not have the technical means to submit the certificate, a third party may do so on his behalf. Drivers arriving in Latvia must observe self-isolation outside working hours. It can be interrupted to perform work duties.

In order to receive prompt answers to all unclear questions, the Road Transport Directorate calls to call the single 24-hour telephone number 8345.

As reported, the Covid-19 visitor control information system, which requires filling in an electronic questionnaire when crossing the Latvian border and which gives the police the right to stop a vehicle to make sure that travelers have registered in the system, was launched on Monday.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the amendments submitted by the Ministry of the Interior to the Regulations “Epidemiological Safety Measures for Restricting the Spread of Covid-19 Infection” on the Implementation of the “Immigrant Registration Control Information System (IECIS)”.

Electronic questionnaires are available from any smart device and can be filled in on a special website “” from today.

The data indicated in the questionnaire will be automatically transferred to law enforcement authorities – the State Police (VP), the State Border Guard (VRS) and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC). Personal data will be stored for 30 days for the purpose of using the information received for epidemiological security and traceability of contact persons. After 30 days, personal data will be automatically deleted.

In its turn, the amendments to the Covid-19 Infection Spread Management Law adopted by the Saeima stipulate that a person will be fined from ten to 2,000 euros for non-compliance with the obligation to include information in the personal surveillance information system.

The amendments to the said law also stipulate that a police officer, a municipal police officer and a border guard will have the right to stop a vehicle in order to perform an inspection regarding the fulfillment of the obligation to include information in the system.

Normunds Krapsis, Chief of the Main Police Department of the State Police, has announced that the new system will improve and facilitate the police’s ability to control those who need to be in solitary confinement,

He also promised that after registering the data of persons in self-isolation in the system established by the Ministry of the Interior, the police will continue to control persons as before, ie they will communicate by telephone or choose to travel to a specific place of residence.

The new procedure was set up due to shortcomings in completing the paper questionnaire and police problems in controlling whether persons entering private vehicles or crossing the border on foot observed self-isolation.


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