The mother of a German woman kidnapped in Israel, Shani Luk, reports her death

news-id-115992" style="display:inline;">German citizen Shani Luk, kidnapped by Hamas members, died in Israel, reports.

Her mother reported this in an interview with German television channels RTL and NTV.

“Unfortunately, yesterday we received the news that my daughter is no longer alive,” said Ricarda Luk.

There is no official confirmation of this information yet.

Shani Luk, who came to Israel for the Nature Party electronic music festival, was captured by Palestinian Hamas fighters on the first day of the attack. The whole world has seen footage of a girl lying face down in a truck, stripped to her underwear, with her legs unnaturally twisted. Presumably, the German woman’s legs were broken. Her name was identified thanks to her parents, who recognized the girl by her dreadlocks and tattoos.

Later, the mother of 22-year-old Shani Luk said that her daughter was alive, but in serious condition in a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

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