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Hanover Students Win Rocket League University World Championship and Earn $20,000

Earn money with gambling? This dream has now become a reality for students from Hanover. They even receive support from their university in Hanover.

Sensation for the Dr. Buhmann Academy in Hanover: Three of their students won the university world championship in the PC game Rocket League in the USA this week. In addition to the title, the winners also earned $20,000 in prize money.

As the newly crowned European champions in the Rocket League e-sports title, Florian Rahden, Nicolas Steinhauser and Fabian Buß easily qualified for the “CRL Worlds”, the world championship for universities. The tournament took place in Dallas, Texas, as part of the “Dreamhack” gaming fair, the European edition of which will be held in Hanover.

Hanover: Students defeat teams from the United States and the Netherlands

Together with substitute player Sascha Timm and coach Julian Braun, the three traveled to the tournament in the USA, which was held from June 2nd to 4th. At the University World Cup, Rahden, Steinhauser and Buß were initially beaten by the University of West Virginia.

In the later course of the tournament, the trio could not afford to lose. The team finally mastered the group stage with victories against “Dorans Boxfish” from Nijmegen in the Netherlands and in the second leg against West Virginia.

Successes against Akron (Ohio) and Columbia Universities put you in the grand finals against the team from Fisher College in Boston. With a narrow 4:3 victory, Rahden, Steinhauser and Buss finally secured the title.

Rocket League: Use cars to get a big ball into the goal

“We’re world champions! We couldn’t have hoped for more. How we’ve grown as a team during our time in Dallas and what we’ve achieved is simply incomprehensible. We couldn’t be happier,” says team captain Rahden in a statement from the university.

His Austrian team-mate Steinhauser adds: “The success is phenomenal and I will always remember it. Now we’re going to have a blast and have a title to defend next year.”

For trainer Björn Benke, who is also a lecturer at the Dr. Buhmann school, winning the title is “a sensation”. “Our scholarship program is unique in Europe. The World Cup in Dallas shows that it is important to develop the players holistically. The Dr. Buhmann School & Academy on the one hand, but above all the Hanover location has made a name for itself in the Rocket League made a name for himself,” he said, according to a statement.

Similar to the “TV total Autoball WM” in Rocket League, a big ball has to be thrown into the opponent’s goal with cars – only on the computer. The game can be played in single player format or in teams of two, three or four.

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