The most wanted photos of Sara Carbonero on the arm of Kiki Morente that show that they are no longer hiding – Trending topic

The life of Sara carbonero It has made many turns in the months that we have been this year. Who would have imagined, when we started 2021, that his marriage with Iker Casillas would end? Much less that, before going around the sun, we could see her walking hand in hand with another man. But it has happened. The one and the other. It was March 12 when, using a black and white photo in which they appeared together, they issued a joint statement and published it on their social networks to confirm that they separated and ask for respect for their private lives – as they have always done, nothing lovers. to be news for nothing that had nothing to do with his professional activity.

Although he had to launch a second statement to deny certain information that circulated and that related him to a woman before his marriage had ended, she does seem to be giving love a new chance. For a couple of months, there has been a long talk about how Kiki Morente It has crept into the presenter’s heart little by little. Also, the possibility that this romance was in the middle of an anxiety that was denied with some images in which Sara enjoyed and disheveled at a concert of her partner was considered.

Is now the magazine ‘Semana’ the one that shows those first images of Carbonero and his new illusion of the arm. Some photos that are the first to be disseminated of this with a new partner other than Casillas, with whom he spent ten years in which he had time to have two children by his side. The same publication explains that they were taken at the exit of one of her favorite restaurants -of French cuisine-, located in Madrid de los Austrias, in the heart of the capital.

After three hours inside it, they walked through the streets of the city, showing that they already care little about being seen together at this point in the film. Giving normality to the situation and leaving a stamp that is very reminiscent of those first snapshots that saw the light, more than a decade ago, with which it was confirmed that, indeed, Sara had started a relationship with the goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish selection.

This is how Sara broke her silence

A little less than 10 days ago, during the presentation of that video clip that has meant a new debut for her, Sara spoke the first words to the press since it was known that she was trying to rebuild her love life. “I’m not going to say anything, I really tell you with all the love in the world. We are where we are, I think the protagonists are Héctor, Bonita and Valeria”, started before adding a “You have given me a summer that fabric”, as a clear reproach to the amount of information about her and Kiki that she had seen published.

After much insistence, those present had a headline to put in their mouths, which was the purpose: “I am very well, really. I am excited about everything, with life that is very beautiful”. A handful of words after which he made it clear that, of course, his relationship with Iker is very good.

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