The Most Exciting City Building Game on PC and Laptop Platforms

City building games will be more exciting if you play through a laptop or PC device. This is because both devices have wider screens.

One of the most legendary city area building games is SimCity. In fact, it seems almost all gamers know that one game.

Along with the development of the times and technology, now more and more developers are producing city building games or city building which are no less exciting in SimCity.

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List of City Building Games on PC and Laptop

Want to play games on a laptop or PC but just want to relax? If so, try playing a city-building simulation game.

This game with the theme of regional development is very exciting. Although relaxed, but you will be very challenged to play it in order to make the city as attractive as possible.

Well, here is a list of city building games that you can play on your laptop or PC when you’re bored.

Aven Colony

The interesting thing about this first game is a city that doesn’t exist on Earth. As a player, you must participate in the construction of a new city on an alien planet very far from this planet.

Your job is to keep an eye on the construction work, resources, as well as the people in the colony. You can build various buildings such as settlements, space elevators, to skyscrapers.

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Surviving Mars

As the name implies, this next game will take you on the construction of a city on the planet Mars. Surviving Mars shows a very distinctive background of the planet Mars.

When humans can live on Mars, they must create a new civilization. You have to build a city and be in charge of all the resources.

In order to survive, you must pay attention to the water, food, and oxygen in the place where you live.

Anno 1800

If the two previous games took space in the background, it’s different from Anno 1800. This city building game takes the screen of the 19th century or when the Industrial Age was at its peak.

Anno 1800 offers a very interesting city building genre with elements of strategy. This game also features blueprints or designs that will help players when they start building cities.

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Cities: Skylines

Then there is Cities: Skylines which is a city building simulation game with quite complex yet challenging gameplay.

Like a mayor or governor, you must be able to plan the development of a city by paying attention to the elements in detail.

In Cities: Skylines you can manage various aspects such as taxation, transportation, district zoning, and much more.

If you want the sustainability of the city to be at a healthy and comfortable stage, then you must be able to manage your financial budget, job needs, health, and pollution levels.

You can play the city building game on PC and laptop platforms more easily. Also make sure to match the device specifications to the game to keep the game running smoothly. (R10/HR-Online)

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