Buyers Refuse Corn Cargo Carried by Ships from Ukraine, Here’s the Reason


The cargo ship Razoni is loading corn from Ukraine. Photo/ukrainian world congress

KIEV – The first grain cargo ship to leave a Ukrainian port has been turned down by a buyer in Lebanon due to a five-month delay in shipping.

The news was reported by Bloomberg on Monday (8/8/2022).

According to the outlet, citing the Ukrainian Embassy in Beirut, the Sierra Leone-flagged Razoni ship, which was carrying about 26,500 tonnes of corn, is currently in the Mediterranean.

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The Lebanese government was reportedly not involved in the shipment, as the cargo was destined for the private sector.

A new buyer is being sought for wheat in Lebanon or elsewhere, according to the Ukrainian Embassy.

The ship’s destination changed on Sunday from Tripoli to “pending orders,” ship tracking data showed.

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The Razoni was the first civilian freighter to carry Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea in recent months.

Regular deliveries were blocked amid hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, which blame each other for the disturbance.

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