Ronaldo’s departure from Madrid brings profit, but…


Karim Benzema admit leaving Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid bring blessings. On the other hand, the Portuguese star has also helped Benzema.

Benzema scored 44 goals in 46 games for Real Madrid last season. Los Blancos also won their 14th Champions League title and became LaLiga champions.

The number of goals is the most since Benzema is no longer playing with Ronaldo. Both are known to have costumed El Real for nine seasons.



The closeness of Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo when they were together at Real Madrid. Photo: (Getty Images)

During Ronaldo’s presence, Benzema has always been identified as a servant. The 33-year-old striker admits Ronaldo’s departure has brought benefits, but has also been very helpful in the past.

“It’s different for me since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid,” Benzema told a news conference ahead of Real Madrid vs Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Super Cup.

“It’s true I’ve scored more goals, but when Cristiano was here, we had a different style of play, I gave more assists. He really helped me on and off the pitch.”

“But in that moment, I knew I could do more and when he left it was time to change my game, change my ambition and I’m doing well at the moment,” Benzema insisted.

Benzema has entered his 14th season with Madrid. The Frenchman has appeared in a total of 605 times and scored 323 goals.

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