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The month of birth, a cardiovascular risk factor?

According to a very serious American study, the risk of having a cardiovascular disease is intimately linked to the month you were born! The researchers even suggest some explanations!

The Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) still gives pride of place to surprising studies. This year’s one is no exception. The editors relay an American work according to which being born in such or such month of the year makes you run more cardiovascular risks.

To reach this astonishing conclusion, they relied on a very large survey conducted since 1976 in the United States: the Nurse Health Study. They therefore examined possible links between the time of birth and the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. And this on nurses aged 30 to 55 at the start of the survey.

The months at risk? March to September

During the follow-up (which lasted 38 years), 43,000 deaths were reported, including 8,360 deaths from cardiovascular disease. According to the researchers, “women born in the spring and summer had a slight but significant increase in cardiovascular death compared to those born in the fall.”

Of course, this is only an observational study. No need to panic. However, to back up their point, the scientists nevertheless put forward a few explanatory lines: life “, could be responsible …

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