The Ministry of Justice promised to review the size of road fines in the new Code of Administrative Offenses

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA News. A sharp increase in fines for traffic violations proposed in the draft new Code of Administrative Offenses, does not meet the needs of society, in this part the project will be revised, said Deputy Minister of Justice of Russia Denis Novak during public hearings on this topic.

The deputy head of the department explained that the Ministry of the Interior was preparing proposals for a block regarding traffic violations. At the same time, the developers, he said, sought to achieve a reduction in road deaths.

As Novak emphasized, the main goal of the new Code of Administrative Offenses is not fiscal; ultimately, the code should ensure the safety of life and health of citizens and, in general, improve the quality of life of people. Therefore, the task that stands in terms of ensuring road safety requires an integrated approach. According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Justice, it is necessary to develop the infrastructure, put things in order in the order of installation of road signs, approve the requirements for automatic means of video recording and the rules for their placement.

Novak also called for the development of a simplified procedure for appealing fines, including through electronic means.

Earlier, the Ministry of Justice published a draft of the new Code on Administrative Violations, which proposes to toughen the punishment for dishonest drivers. This initiative has sparked criticism in society. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated that the fines proposed by the new draft Code of Administrative Offenses would be excessive for motorists.

According to the current norm, an administrative fine is expressed in rubles and is set for citizens in an amount not exceeding five thousand rubles, with the exception of a number of cases.


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