The Ministry of Health warns of pneumonia infections in winter

Written by Walid Abdel Salam

Thursday, December 7, 2023 04:00 AM

I warned Ministry of Health The population is protected from the spread of pneumonia, stressing that it is among the respiratory diseases that affect humans in the winter, and that the pneumococcal vaccine is available and protects against infection by up to 90% of the disease, and also protects against complications in the event of infection.

The Ministry of Health and Population said that there are no epidemic outbreaks related to influenza, Corona, or pneumonia, noting that the general condition of respiratory diseases is stable, and there is complete monitoring for any epidemic outbreaks, adding that all reagents for identifying influenza, Corona, and pneumonia infections have been provided.

The Ministry of Health and Population explained that it is possible to contact central laboratories to conduct the required analyzes to detect antibodies, noting that chest hospitals and vaccine centers provide influenza, coronavirus, and pneumococcal vaccines.

2023-12-07 02:00:00

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