The microwave oven: as effective as it is safe

There are (we are) many people who have a microwave oven at home. But there are still reluctants who worry about their safety, and the controversy they generated when they were invented shortly after World War II still lingers. It is true that certain precautions must be taken when using them, which are different from those we take when we use the conventional oven or the casserole on the fire. But, used correctly, the microwave oven is perfectly safe. Knowing how it works, we will understand why.

Molecules circling

And is that microwaves are not very different from radio waves. Both are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes visible light, ultraviolet radiation and X-rays. The only thing that differentiates one from the other is their wavelength and, therefore, their energy. And this is a crucial difference. X-rays are ionizing radiation, capable of removing electrons from atoms and therefore damaging our cells. That is why it is not convenient to have many x-rays in a short period of time. But the microwaves, along with radio waves and visible light, they have much less energy, and this prevents them from altering our cells.



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