The Mere store in Częstochowa is tempting. This is the first such store in Poland. What can you buy at the discounters of the Russian network? Here are the item prices

A week has passed since the opening in Częstochowa of the first Polish discount store of the Russian Mere chain. Residents like to shop in Mere, because the store attracts with its low prices. What can you buy from Mere?

For a week now, residents of Częstochowa have been checking what and for how much can be bought in the Mere store. This is the first store of the Russian hard discount chain in Poland and it attracts a lot of interest. Locals seem to be checking what can be bought in Mere for now. Some praise the low prices and that’s enough for them, others say that they were only to check “how it all looks” and are unlikely to come back here.

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Mere attracts with its prices

For those who have not been shopping in Mere yet, we checked what and for how much you can buy at this hard discount. Why hard? Since everything is sold here from pallets and cardboard boxes, no attention is paid to aesthetics, colorful advertisements and flashy slogans “promotion”. Many goods can be purchased in large family packages.

– I wanted to check what’s all the fuss about. The prices are good, but you don’t know about the quality. I took a few things and I will check at home to see how they taste. However, they could work on the parking lot, because it is not too big and there is nowhere to park – said Jan Maćkowiak from Częstochowa.

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What and for how much can you buy?

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Examples of products and prices in the Mere store in Częstochowa:

  • two-layer paper towel 100 meters – 6.69 PLN
  • ground black pepper 100 g – 1.90 PLN
  • universal wet wipes – 3.59 PLN
  • liquid soap 5 l – 7.92 PLN
  • bubble bath 1 l – 3.24 PLN
  • student mix 500 g – 9.99 PLN
  • 6 l bucket – 2.87 PLN
  • cola 3 l – 2.14 PLN
  • 900 ml beer – PLN 2.79
  • tube noodles 5 kg – 2.14 PLN

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