The Length of the Affairs of Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte After the Persecution of Muhammad Kace


Suspect in alleged blasphemy case Muhammad Kace allegedly abused by Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte, who is a fellow detainee at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police. The case is now being investigated.

Kace admitted that he had been persecuted by fellow detainees at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police. The police report (LP) is registered in the prison numbered LP: 0510/VIII/2021/Bareskrim. The LP was created on August 26, 2021 in the name of Muhamad Kosman.

“The case is that the whistleblower reports that he has received abuse from a person who is currently a prisoner at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police,” said Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono at a press conference at his office, Friday (17/9).

The act of Inspector General Napoleon received a lot of criticism. Moreover, Inspector General Napoleon was suspected of carrying out persecution under the pretext of defending religion.

The General Manager of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU), Marsudi Syuhud, did not allow the action of Irjen Napoleon. According to Marsudi, the Islamic approach is not a violent approach, but a peaceful approach to da’wah.

“Any reason, if it’s to commit violence against other people, it’s not justified,” said Marsudi when contacted, Monday (20/9/2021).

“That religion is a guidance from Allah. So the approach is with da’wah, not by force. If (the act) is for religious reasons, the approach is with da’wah, not by force,” he said.

Meanwhile, PP Muhammadiyah emphasized that there was no violence in religion. Member of the Tarjih and Tajdid Council of PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Wawan Gunawan Abdul Wachid, said that the principle of da’wah for every Muslim is to convey religious messages.

“So the question of religion is a question of getting guidance or direction from Allah SWT. There is no place for violence in religion,” he said.


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