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The League of Village Associations

When the game starts in the football district league Würzburg 2 with the derby FV Karlstadt against TSV Karlburg II at 4 p.m. on this Saturday, July 24th, then something will be new in the class, the teams from the Main-Spessart districts and Würzburg united. Here is an overview of the developments in the district league in seven points.

The teams

With only 14 teams, the class is smaller than ever. The fact that the neighbors of FC Leinach and SG Margetshöchheim have formed a game community also contributed to this. Ten teams come from Main-Spessart, four from the Würzburg district. It is also clear that the village associations are clearly in the majority, officially there are twelve. With the FV Karlstadt there is only one representative from a district town. Furthermore, Karlburg, which has almost 2000 inhabitants and whose second team is represented in the district league, is a district of Karlstadt, albeit with independent village structures.

The goals

Nobody openly declares the championship and the associated district league promotion to be a binding season goal. Verbal reluctance prevails even among teams that were up front last season, such as SV Birkenfeld (“playing up front”) and FV Helmstadt (“front midfield”) as well as the district league relegated TSV Retzbach (“among the top five”) . What is not surprising, however, is that it is difficult to assess both your own performance and the strength of your competitors after a month-long Corona break.

The favorites

The clubs surveyed named the TSV Eisingen class as the top favorite, although it was only fourth in the previous season. But the Eisinger had seven tips, multiple answers were possible. The respect of the competition stems from the fact that the TSV has a number of good and experienced footballers who were previously able to gain high-class experience with the regional league clubs in Kleinrinderfeld and Höchberg. It is followed by SV Birkenfeld (five entries) and FV Helmstadt (three), the second and third of the previous season. Birkenfeld also recently attracted attention with a 3-2 victory in the district cup final against the newly promoted state league Rottendorf. District league relegated TSV Retzbach was once named, but its new coach Carsten Lanik has to cope with a change.

The new

A new representative in the class consists of two old clubs ?? namely the (SG) FC Leinach / SG Margetshöchheim. The two neighboring district league clubs had teamed up at relatively short notice before the start of the round because their staff was becoming increasingly scarce. The other three new teams came into the league in the “conventional” way: FC Gössenheim (champion of the district class Würzburg 3) and SV Greußenheim (champion of the district class Würzburg 4) as promoted, TSV Retzbach as relegated from the district league West.

The bills

The number of spectacular player changes is manageable, probably a consequence of Corona. After all, FSV Esselbach-Steinmark has brought back a former regional league striker. The 37-year-old Zajo Desic, once active for FC Würzburger Kickers, is again wearing the jersey of the kickers from Spessartgrund, for whom he had previously been the player-coach. Another veteran is also looking for a new challenge: Manuel Scheller, long-time high performer at the TSV Uettingen district league, dared to move to neighbor FV Helmstadt at the ripe athlete’s age of 33.

The trainers

At six clubs, the coaches who were in charge before the outbreak of the corona pandemic are still in office. There has been a change at another six clubs since spring 2020. The constellations at SV Birkenfeld and SG Leinach / Margetshöchheim are special. In Birkenfeld, the new player-coach Benedikt Stromenger had already started as an assistant under the previous coach Taner Yorulmazel, while the last round was still running. Malte Schulze-Happe was actually supposed to be the trainer in Leinach, Mario Stumpf in Margetshöchheim. Since both clubs now form a syndicate, both are now working together for the new team.

The derbies

Where there are more and more gambling communities, the number of neighborhood duels naturally increases. less. However, the derbies will not endure. One thing is the opening game when FV Karlstadt receives TSV Karlburg II on Saturday, July 24th. Other derbies are: SV Altfeld ?? FSV Esselbach-Steinmark (Sunday, July 25th), TSV Duttenbrunn ?? FV Steinfeld / Hausen-Rohrbach (Sunday, August 15) or TSV Eisingen ?? FV Helmstadt (Saturday, October 16).

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