The last farewell to Milan Lasica took place in secret

The funeral was held in secret. According to the letter, the actor was said goodbye to his wife Magda Vášáryová and daughters Hana and Žofie. “The ceremony was attended by other selected guests,” the letter stated, adding that Bolek Polívka was among them.

Lasic’s family rejected the possibility of a state funeral offered to them by the Slovak government. This was announced on Tuesday by the director of Studio L + S, Pavol Danišovič.

Actor, author, lyricist and director Milan Lasica died on Sunday at the age of 81 when he performed with the Bratislava Hot Serenaders Orchestra at Studio L + S. After the last song, which was called Ja som optimista, he slumped to the ground during a thank-you note and died on the spot. Rescuers called in tried resuscitation, but without success.


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