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On this special date, the Fundación Las Rosas has launched a fundraising campaign to promote the construction of a new house in the province of Maipo. The appeal to the community is to “give bricks” which will add funds to make this beautiful gift a reality for elderly people in need.

Vulnerable seniors will be able to receive a long-awaited gift this Christmas, as work progresses on the new Casa Fundación Las Rosas in the Metropolitan Region. The property will be located in the province of Maipo and will benefit 106 residents of San Bernardo, Calera de Tango, Buin and Paine upon completion of its construction.

“This Christmas, let’s realize together the dream of a new home for the most needy elderly” is the appeal of the solidarity body to carry on the work of the new “Santa Teresa de Los Andes” home, located on Buin Maipo road.

“We started the works thanks to the support of local authorities and benefactors, but resources are still needed to finish this modern building, which will change the lives of elderly people in situations of vulnerability or who have no support networks”, explains the Director of Development of the Foundation, Tatiana Viveros.

Give bricks

The Christmas campaign invites people to “donate bricks” to continue the work; therefore, the monetary contributions will be equivalent to the purchase of these construction elements. Contributing 30,000 pesos, for example, is equivalent to buying 10 bricks; 60 thousand dollars, 20 bricks, and so on according to the possibilities of each person, family or group of friends. Donations are made via the web at the address

The new Hogar Santa Teresa de Los Andes of the Fundación Las Rosas began construction work at the end of September this year and provides for a total area of ​​3,900 m2, in modern facilities for the care, support and recreation of the 106 residents that expects to welcome you.

The total cost of the works is 4,500 million pesos and with this Christmas campaign it is expected to reach 200 million dollars, equivalent to equipping the House. “We have yet to complete this dream; The important thing is that the community feels part of this beautiful journey of fraternity that we have already begun. for this we invite you to donate these symbolic bricks that will allow us to advance in this desire of the entire community of Maipo”, says Tatiana Viveros.

In turn, the mayor of Buin, Miguel Araya, welcomed this initiative by the Fundación Las Rosas with great joy: “We are very happy that this project has been implemented in our municipality, which will benefit 106 elderly people from the southern area of ​​the Metropolitan Region. I call on all neighbors to cooperate in this tremendous crusade,” the community authority said.

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