The Ji.hlava festival begins online. Offers over 270 movies

The time-lapse documentary Nová šichta is about a miner who loses his job due to closing mines. He retrains as a programmer.

“The film was made for almost four years. We started shooting intensively in 2017, just before the Paskov mine closed. Which is also the starting point of our story: Tomáš closed the mine he had been working on all his life, and he had to decide what to do next, “described director Jindřich Andrš. “Tomáš fascinated me right at the first programming course with his mining straightforwardness and charisma,” he added.

Thanks to Artcam Films, the new shift will enter cinema distribution on February 11, 2021.

“Even though we are online this year, we will do everything we can to create and convey to the audience the unique atmosphere of Ji.hlava. Viewers will be able to debate with filmmakers and participate in discussions within the Inspiration Forum, “said festival director Marek Hovorka.

“In order to transfer the festival life and energy to the online environment, we will stream every day from the South Lighthouse in Jihlava. From morning to night there will be information about what is currently happening: we will draw attention to interesting films and discussions, invite filmmakers to talk about their work. We will try to bring other than coronavirus topics and positive energy resulting from mutual inspiration to the days of hard-hit pandemics. “

The live broadcast will also include the Inspiration Forum and Ji.hlava for children. The streams will also include masterclasses: the Austrian documentary filmmaker Hubert Sauper, whose film Epicentro will also be shown at Jihlava this year, will present his creative approach. Roberto Minervini, whose film Stop a Pounding Heart, premiered in this year’s official selection at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, will also talk about his work.

The Work in Progress section will present the unfinished film by Miloslav Šmídmajer Milan Kunder – from Žert to Insignificance.

The complete show of the documentary filmmaker Karel Vachek will then be offered by the Vachek 80 section. The entire filmography of the famous director, who will celebrate his 80th birthday this year, will be available for accreditation.

Accreditation and detailed program can be found at

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