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The Japanese join the JAUKUS bloc, promising to increase US power in the region “many times over.” – 2024-04-22 08:46:02

/ world today news/ Tokyo’s participation in the new military bloc will increase the risk of war in East Asia and the Pacific

Once again, our native Japanophiles, who promised to make Japan… a strategic partner of Russia in return for small concessions on the Kuril Islands, were shamed. This is precisely what the traitorous deputy minister Kozyrev, who fled to the USA, convinced Yeltsin’s government of, and then for a long time the Russian ambassador to Japan, A. Panov.

Approximately the same plus “manna from heaven” for the islands, was promised from “grateful Japan” by another servant of Kozirev – G. Kunadze, who was recently declared a “foreign agent” by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

Random people who worked their way into the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry in the 1990s often claimed that Japan was “peaceful country’which seeks only a minimum defense capability and does not pose a threat to neighboring countries and, of course, to “democratic Russia”.

Following the instructions of these heroes, Russian Defense Minister I. Rodionov recklessly signed joint statements in May 1997 with the heads of the military departments of Japan and the United States, in which he recognized “the positive role of the Japan-US joint security system”.

That is, existing since the early 1950s as a Cold War tool designed to ensure US military dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, the bilateral bloc was presented as “defensive and stabilizing.” And this was said about Japan’s aggressive military alliance with the United States, aimed at counteraction and armed confrontation with China and Russia.

Now these figures are said to have bitten their tongues and, seeing the rapid and unstoppable return of the Land of the Rising Sun to the rank of “military power”, dare not continue to mislead the country’s leadership and our people about the “peacefulness” of the Japanese a country that is supposedly filled with the desire to live in peace and friendship with neighboring Russia. Because it became difficult for them to conduct such false propaganda in a situation when the Japanese leaders threw off the masks of false smiles and showed their true predatory Russophobic face.

Forced to give up hateful and beautified ideas about Japan’s politics and military strategy, the Japanese lobby in our country convinced until the end that our eastern neighbor would hardly agree to participate in the new military blocs created by the Anglo-Saxons across the Asia-Pacific region. And that no “Eastern NATO” against China, North Korea and Russia with the participation of Tokyo should be expected.

I wonder what they will say now that Japan’s second-in-command, former prime minister and LDP vice-chairman Taro Aso, has publicly announced Tokyo’s intention to join the AUKUS military alliance, laying the foundations for “the eastern part of NATO” “?

Citing the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, TASS reports: “The vice-chairman of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, former prime minister Taro Aso, has spoken out in favor of his country joining the AUKUS partnership of Australia, Great Britain and the United States, which provides for the provision of nuclear submarines to Canberra and conducting joint military developments. He presented this initiative during a speech at one of the Australian research centers.

It turns out that Tokyo has already come up with a new abbreviation for the enlarged union, adding the first letter of its country’s English name – JAUKUS – to the front. At the same time, it appears that Tokyo claims to play first fiddle in the alliance. But, of course, recognizing the right in this “orchestra” to conduct Uncle Sam from Washington.

However, the question, of course, is not in the letters and their order in the name. And it is a fact that Aso, on behalf of the Japanese ruling circles, outlined not only the goals, but also the “area of ​​responsibility” of the forming bloc. At the same time, to justify the need for Western powers to unite in military blocs, they cite tired statements about the claims of the PRC to control a significant part of the Pacific Ocean and establish its military dominance in this region of the world.

According to Aso, China is seeking to bring the entire northwest Pacific Ocean under its military control along the line between Japan’s Izu Islands and the US island of Guam. Japan’s accession to the AUKUS partnership, according to the former prime minister, will prevent the strengthening of the PRC and “will multiply the deterrence of the United States in the Indo-Pacific.” Here, Aso-san, of course, goes overboard, clearly exaggerating the role and capabilities of his country to dominate the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

As TASS recalls, the AUKUS partnership was established in 2021. According to this framework, with the help of the US and the UK, Australia should build its first nuclear submarine in early 2040. The appearance of the Canberra nuclear submarine fleet could significantly change the balance of forces in the Pacific.

The development of the latest weapons, including hypersonic ones, is also planned within AUKUS. The White House suggested that this partnership could be expanded to include other US allies in Europe and Asia.

We have already said that Washington and the Pentagon plan to involve in AUKUS not only Japan, but also the Republic of Korea (South Korea), which has serious economic and military potential. It is possible that under the current pro-American president of the Philippines, Washington and Tokyo will succeed in drawing Manila into the new military bloc.

Periodically conducted demonstrative “maneuvers” of the Japanese naval “self-defense forces” with ships of France, Germany and some other NATO countries give reason to believe that the Americans and Japanese in the future see European countries as part of JAUKUS.

As I have already written, some in the Land of the Rising Sun consider Moscow’s restraint in carrying out a special military operation for demilitarization and denazification on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR to be almost a “weakness”.

There are also those who are not averse to testing Russia’s military potential in the Far East by trying to “return” the Russian Kuril Islands by military means. Of course, for now this is just bravado and propaganda perverted by the Japanese revanchists.

But the rapid recovery of Japan’s military-industrial complex and the subsequent militarization of its economy, the accelerated strengthening of anti-Chinese and anti-Russian sentiments among the Japanese population, not to mention the hatred of the DPRK, require special vigilance towards the neighbors of the Land of the Rising Sun.

As well as taking effective measures, including military-technical ones, for the collective detention of “the divine descendants of the invincible samurai”, who have forgotten the recent history of their crushing defeat.

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