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Is mandatory vaccination being considered? – 2024-04-22 08:47:27

/ world today news/ Prime Minister Stefan Yanev and Minister of Education and Science Prof. Nikolay Denkov visited the Center for Molecular Medicine and the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Medical University – Sofia

Mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus is not being considered, acting Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said.

“It’s everyone’s right to decide how they want to manage their personal life and their personal health, so we’re not making any moves in that regard. There have been ideas about vouchers, additional incentives, etc. Again, it’s a matter of personal choice and with any campaigns, if a person doesn’t want to, he won’t get vaccinated,” said acting Prime Minister Stefan Yanev, who, together with the Minister of Education Nikolay Denkov, visited the Medical University in Sofia.

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