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Italian company car on fire

One of the most purchased Italian car brands is experiencing a very serious defect, here are the models involved in the recall.

When we decide to buy a car, the first thing we pay the utmost attention to is the safety that it can offer us while driving. Of course, also the cost of the medium has its weight in the final decision, but the safeguard and the protection of one’s own safety and that of our loved ones is priceless.

For this reason we always tend to buy the machine that guarantees greater security on any type of road and in any circumstances. Unfortunately, however, unexpected events can happen even to the best models and this time a urgent recall and consistent was done by aItalian company very well known.

This Italian manufacturer is famous in our country and abroad precisely for its safety that its vehicles offer buyers. However, a massive recall was recently issued by this company for a problem found in certain models that, if ignored, risks fire the entire car.

It is a malfunction of the battery located in the center of the bodywork of the vehicle and, in particular, of the fact that the latter has been fitted without protective plate. This lack has led to several problems found in some models that the company took care to report as soon as possible.

Defective batteries: what they cause

It seems that these cars were equipped with malfunctioning batteries without a protection plate. This defect involves, first of all, a loss of powertrain while driving which, subsequently, leads to overheating and ultimately to the risk of fire of the battery itself.

To avoid numerous cases of accidents caused by faulty batteries in these cars, the company has issued a maximum recall of the affected models. The manufacturer in question isAlfa Romeothat has promptly notified its buyers regarding models that are at risk of fire.

Alfa Romeo Tonale -
Alfa Romeo Tonale fire risk

Alfa Romeo car models at risk of catching fire

The Alfa Romeo manufacturer immediately reported the models of its vehicles which presented the battery defect which poses a fire risk. The models in question are some of the Tonale range with Hybrid petrol engine. These models presented the defective battery.

Those are the cars affected by the massive recall made by Alfa Romeo produced from 26 January 2022 to 16 October 2022. Il approval number which must be reported in the car documentation to identify the malfunction corresponds to AV1 e3*2018/858*00061*00 and the recall code is 6529. Go to a nearby workshop immediately to solve the battery malfunction problem if you own this car model.

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