Did you know that it is possible to insure your pet?

We realize with inflation that everything costs more, including care and food for animals.

Pet owners who want to avoid unpleasant surprises can take out insurance.

A recent survey carried out by HelloSafe shows that no less than two out of three people are unaware that such a service exists.

The average price can vary greatly depending on the insurance plan chosen.

The owner of a six-year-old Beagle could thus pay $39 per month for the basic plan, and up to $157 for full protection.

The owner of a Persian could insure his cat for monthly payments ranging from $32 to $121.

Émilie Desjardins made the decision to insure her dog a few years ago, a choice that quickly paid off in her case, since she believes she saved a lot of money.

“When we made the decision to insure our dog, it was a time when our financial resources were more limited, so a small payment per month was simpler for us, then to have peace of mind when we did activities with our animal,” she detailed.

31% of owners say they insured their animal in order to reduce veterinary costs, while 29% did so following a recommendation from their veterinarian, and 23% took this decision in order to protect themselves against possible illness.

For all the details, see the video at the beginning of the article.

2023-12-09 22:48:06
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