“The Island of the Famous 2021”, follow the seventh episode in real time

After the usual summary of what has happened in the last few days, we connect with the Palapa. Daniela did not take well the nomination suffered and this did nothing but exacerbate the already tense relations with the other castaways. In particular, Martani feels targeted by Francesca Lodo.

CLASH BETWEEN LEADERS – Relations between Elisa and Gil are very tense. She can’t stand Rocca’s certain attitudes towards women. He claims she plays behind without exposing herself. After the video we return live from the Palapa and Rocca turns off the tensions by saying that he has clarified with Isoardi and that he has misinterpreted some attitudes. Tommaso from the studio attacks them by saying that seeing clips where everyone is loaded and then live all the tones are muted is milk to the knees.

TWO NEW ENTRANCES – Everything is ready for two new arrivals on the island. Former Olympic champion Isolde Kostner and model Beatrice Marchetti. Meanwhile, Drusilla is now resigned to going out. She feels she has reached the end of the line and says that “by now I have given what I had to give”. Everyone tries to cheer her up but she just doesn’t seem to believe it.

THE VERDICT – It’s time to find out who has to leave the Palapa between Drusilla and Martania. And the public voted for Daniela. She is the one eliminated. Despite its dire predictions, Gucci remains in the game. And for a competitor who leaves (but could return), two who arrive. In fact, to the amazement of the other competitors, Isolde and Beatrice enter. The race consists of making a path through two tanks full of mud and then being cleaned by the teammates on arrival. Whoever collects the most mud at the end of the course wins.

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THE ELIMINATION TEST – The castaways are divided into two groups, led by Beatrice and Isolde, to face the reward test. Whoever wins will be able to eat while the losing group will then come out with two names that will go to a flash televoting to decide on an elimination. At the weight test, the Kostner team wins, albeit slightly. It’s their turn to eat the lasagna.

THE CHAIN ​​OF PREFERENCES – The perdeten team thus creates a chain of preferences. Everyone has to name who he wants to save. Beatrice votes Awed, who appoints Beppe, he saves Valentina. She names Roberto. So Elisa and Andrea go to flash televoting.

THE GIRLS OF PLAYA ESPERANZA – Connection with Miryea and Vera, who have managed very well these days, even managing to light the fire. They have their own desires for revenge: May against Awaed and Miryea against Drusilla. Ilary tests their harmony. Roast beef sandwiches were placed on a raft in the middle of the sea. But to get there they have to go with a cayuco that requires balance and harmony. The two manage to find a way to steer the boat and can feed themselves with great satisfaction …

THE RESULT OF THE REMOTE FLASH – The televoting ends and Ilary reads the verdict. The castaway safe is … Andrea Cerioli. Elisa Isoardi has to leave the Palapa. Before leaving he gives his “kiss of Judas” to Drusilla, who thus has a nomination. Elisa, however, does not go home immediately, she passes by Playa Esperanza, where she will find Daniela: one of the two can be saved, the other will be permanently eliminated.

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THE LEADER TEST – Castaways must undergo an endurance test: they must stand on one leg with a bag full of sand resting on the raised leg. The two who resist the most will go to the test of fire to decree the leader. Roberto and Angela win, while Francesca leaves at the last minute after slightly losing her balance.

THE CHOICE OF ELISA AND DANIELA – The two betting eliminations must decide what to do. Daniela wants to leave and return to Italy, while Isoardi agrees to try Play Esperanza.

THE TEST OF FIRE – Angela and Roberto undergo the Trial by Fire to establish the leader of this episode. The first is Ciufoli, which withstands the flames for 2 minutes and 52 seconds. For Angela it gets very hard. He tries to hold out as much as possible but at 2:36 he has to give up. Roberto Ciufoli is the leader. He will be immune from the nomination and in addition he will be able to directly nominate a competitor to be sent to televoting.

THE APPOINTMENT – After the arrival of Elisa on Playa Esperanza, between joy and jubilation, we start with the nominations. The first is Fariba. She names Drusilla to do a good deed … The second is Paul, who also names Drusilla. Francesca, on the other hand, names Brando. Same name made by Awed. Beatrice appoints Angela. Valentina appoints Fariba, while Andrea chooses Brando. Beppe appoints Fariba.


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