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The increase in cruciate ligament injuries during 2023 – Publinews – 2024-02-19 12:53:33

In the field of football, the alarm has sounded loudly due to the significant increase in anterior cruciate ligament injuries in recent times. Dr. Pedro Ripoll, specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, warns of an increase of 20 to 30% compared to the previous season. This worrying panorama has led experts like Ripoll and doctor Iñaki Mediavilla to explore the possible reasons behind this phenomenon.

The 21/22 season recorded seven cruciate ligament injuries, but in the next one, 22/23, it doubled, reaching thirteene, and just in the month of August of the current season there were already eight cases. This exponential increase has raised concern in the medical and sports community, generating the need to carefully analyze the possible causes.

What causes the cruciate ligament problem?

One of the notable factors is the exposure of footballers to a greater number of matches and hours of high-level training. The weekly minutes load, aggravated by the new 100-minute match regulations, poses a significant risk to the players’ health. Pedro Ripoll warns that large teams cannot cope with 300 minutes a week, urging the establishment of limits that protect athletes.

The problem becomes complex when considering the lack of individualized protection training, in contrast to sports like American football, where each player follows a specific program. Furthermore, the destructuring of the preseasons, now more intense and delocalized, plays a crucial role in the loss of the protective effect of training.

A crucial aspect in the equation is proprioception, the body’s ability to coordinate movements and protect joints. The lack of training in this aspect contributes significantly to cruciate ligament injuries, with the peak periods of spring and preseason being the most critical.

Los doctors They also highlight the importance of considering diversity in the physiognomy of players, since individual variations in bone structure can influence the risk of injury. Likewise, the quality of the playing fields and appropriate footwear are essential elements that must be addressed to minimize the danger.

Regarding the proposed solutions, the need to restructure the templates is highlighted, abandon the era of predictable lineups and make strategic use of changes during matches, considering physical as well as tactical factors. Implementing personalized training based on injury histories and introducing dynamic testing to assess joint condition are crucial measures.

Recovery from cruciate ligament injuries poses a dilemma between health and professional and economic interests. Doctors warn that premature return to the field, although it may be celebrated from a sporting point of view, can have long-term consequences for the health of athletes.

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