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If he is used to coming to speak in mixed zone to debrief matches, and he always does so with a lot of lucidity, Valère Germain is not the type to fuel the debates or even to criticize anyone. that is. Sunday, the Montpellier striker, and this despite the victory of his family against RC Lens (1-0), had it seemingly big on the heart since he was not shy to give his feeling on Florian Batta, the match referee. More than the quality of the refereeing, it is the behavior of the official that Germain complained about. “I tried to talk to him after 15 minutes in the game, kindly, he doesn’t even look at me, he turns his head. We’re men, we can talk to each other quietly like we do with other referees. not even talking about being good or not, everyone gets it wrong, like us on the pitch, we just want discussions without it degenerating. His attitude tonight is incredible. “

“They turn their backs on us, they are arrogant”

The former OM scorer did not stop there. “It’s incredible, we have the impression of dealing with cowboys, we can’t talk to them”, he deeply regretted. “They are turning their backs on us, they are arrogant. We players may need to be less aggressive but they too should make an effort. We are dealing with robots, we cannot talk to them, we just ask for explanations of Every now and then. They have to question themselves. It could also escalate through their fault. If you equip tonight’s referee with a microphone, you will be surprised at his arrogance. ” An exit which falls neatly at the time when the debate on the equipment of a microphone on the referees is in full swing.

A few months ago, the Actufoot editorial team proposed several solutions to improve the quality of French arbitration.

1: Equip all referees with headsets so that viewers can hear the officials’ explanations live
2: Press conference at the end of the match for the referees to explain their decisions to the media and the general public
3: Presence of a professional player, former pro player or coach in the Var truck to help analyze certain situations
4: Obligation for referees in training to train with an amateur football club
5: The production and public distribution of a report after each day of the championship

And you, how would you try to improve the quality of refereeing?



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