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Renders of the new Huawei P50.

Nextren’s report, Fahmi Bagas

Nextren.comHuawei P50 Pro is one of a series of versions that are present in the P50 Series family.

The device has actually been introduced since July 2021 for the Chinese market and several foreign markets.

After waiting for about 5 months, it seems that the Chinese technology company will launch soon Huawei P50 Pro in Indonesia.

The allegation was revealed after the discovery of the certification site TKDN (Level of Domestic Content) which belongs to the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry).

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From the TKDN page, it is known that the Huawei P50 Pro is registered with certificate number 11037/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/11/2021 which only got permission on November 23, 2021.

Huawei P50 Pro itself is listed with the model number JAD-LX9 and has a sufficient TKDN value to pass and circulate in the Indonesian market.

In detail it is stated that the series flagship Huawei pocketed a score of 31.12%.

As such, the presence of the Huawei P50 Pro in the Homeland does not seem to be coming soon.

At least the company is waiting for approval from the Ministry of Communication and Information through the certification carried out by the Directorate General of SDPPI.

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But unfortunately, it is still not known exactly when the Huawei P50 Pro release schedule will take place in Indonesia.

It is possible that the HP series will be present in early December.

To illustrate the Huawei flagship device, here are the specifications for the Huawei P50 Pro on the global market.

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Huawei P50 Pro Specifications

Huawei P50 Pro has a 6.6-inch screen dimension made of an OLED panel.

The screen also supports performance refresh rate 120Hz like HP flagship other.

Then in the performance sector, Huawei provides two chipset options, namely Kirin 9000 and Snapdragon 888.

It is not known which processor will be embedded in the Indonesian market version of the Huawei P50 Pro.

However, it is possible that the available memory variations will bring several variations, ranging from 8 to 12GB RAM and 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of internal storage.

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The Huawei P50 Pro camera also still relies on a 50MP main sensor on the back which is equipped with a 64MP periscope lens, 13MP ultra-wide lens, and 40MP B/W lens.

While the selfie camera has a 13MP resolution lens.

In terms of durability, the Huawei P50 Pro is supported by a 4,360mAh + battery fast charging 66W.

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And the device has also been wrapped with IP68 certification which makes it water and dust resistant.

So, let’s just look forward to your presence Huawei P50 Pro in Indonesia in the near future to see firsthand the other capabilities that are in the device.


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