the impression is blurred on the Côte-des-Roses

Rue Molière, the scene of an countless drug trade? “It seems that things have calmed down currently,” implies Laurent Cavalieri, chief of the multi-municipal law enforcement. We have now recounted the misadventures of the inhabitants of this steep avenue in the Côte-des-Roses district. Deeply rooted in furnishings, traders dictated their legislation in the vicinity of the town stadium and all over the entrance to a building.

To set an stop to this condition of impunity and retain an eye on it, the municipality and the social operator Batigère co-financed the obtain of two cameras. This too, we have already created, as very well as the inefficiency of the machine which lasted only … two days. Time for numerous folks to location this curious eye, go by means of a smoke extraction hatch and get it out of service. The points date back to August 5, 2021. At that minute Christiane Zanoni, municipal assistant accountable for safety, showed resilience: “We are pondering of placing the cameras back in sites the place they would not have access. A calendar year afterwards, this assertion continues to be a dead letter.

“Here we are applied to closing our eyes”

Rue Molière, the truce on the prison entrance would as a result coincide with the absence of movie protection. Some will see it as a combination of situations. Others a restrict to this technological ally in delicate areas: “Here we are utilized to closing our eyes, a younger grownup from the neighborhood blows. If you set up a camera, you can be absolutely sure it will be ruined devoid of a challenge. And no 1 will possibility calling the law enforcement. At minimum not “through” the procedure … “

This placement cannot sum up the basic temper of the Côte-des-Roses. But it testifies to a feeling in which the fear of reprisals and an exacerbated feeling of belonging to the exact same town are tinged.

With no entering the sociological terrain of “neighborhood” lifestyle, Laurent Cavalieri believes he can grasp the consequences of a far more sustained police existence in the “fragile” withdrawal of drug trafficking in rue Molière. “We are escalating the patrols there. And also the countrywide police, specifically in the evening. What strengthens his point of watch on the pros of videoprotection: “In the criminal field, very little replaces the uniform. The digicam is an added software, quite beneficial for baffling a criminal or directing a patrol toward an incident. “

In the prison area, nothing at all replaces the uniform. The camera is an more software

Laurent Cavalieri, chief of the municipal police

Two cameras scan the bus station night and day.  A necessity, according to the municipality.  Photo RL / Armand FLOHR

Bus station: a room “to be secured”

160 cameras

The city’s CCTV fleet at the moment is made up of 160 cameras. Just about every yr the municipality invests the sum of 50,000 euros to retain it and, over all, to complete it.

5 new lenses intertwine this product: “One camera at the crossroads of Europe and two some others positioned at every single conclude of the gateway to Europe”, lists Laurent Cavalieri. The previous two acquisitions go as a result of the bus station, “a area that needed to be secured,” reveals the multi-municipal police chief. The site would in simple fact undergo from recurrent incivility. “We also experienced some fights. We necessary to reinforce our existence. “

360 °

The cameras deployed in Thionville are all of the most up-to-date technology. Remotely controlled by the city supervision middle set up in the premises of the multi-municipal law enforcement, they give a 360 ° look at of the monitored web-sites.

Practical for puzzling offenders, “they also enable patrols to be directed a lot more precisely. And incidentally, they freeze the pictures of our interventions. This gives reassuring assistance for agents who, with supporting pictures, can justify their attitude if essential.

From € 5,000 to € 10,000

The price tag of buying and putting in a digicam may differ involving € 5,000 and € 10,000. This delta is explained by the presence or absence of the fiber. In the occasion of non-coverage, civil engineering functions increase the price tag. “You have to go by radio hyperlinks,” suggests Laurent Cavalieri. Sometimes, dependent on the configuration of the premises, it is tough to go the radio wave. “

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