The importance of conserving the Yaguareté, the largest feline in America

There was a time not too distant when the mighty Yaguareté O “Tiger Creole”It lived from the south of the United States, to the north of the Argentine Patagonia. Although in recent decades, the fragmentation and loss of its habitat, added to the illegal hunting and trade of the species has led to feline largest in the continent to decline.

Red Yaguareté

What predator stop, the Yaguareté it plays a fundamental role within the ecosystems in which it operates. The predators stop, that is, those that are found at the top of the food chain, serve as regulators of the rest of the species and are of vital importance for an ecosystem to remain balanced and healthy. When a top predator disappears or is highly threatened, it directly affects the balance of the entire ecosystem, affecting the flora and fauna of the place.




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