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The Importance of Annual Influenza Vaccination: Protecting Against Multiple Strains and Preventing Complications

Column “Golf Healing” by “Lieutenant General Dr. Somsak Thekingkiat, orthopedic specialist at Phramongkut Hospital and Ramkhamhaeng Hospital. Has more than 30 years of experience in caring for patients. [email protected]

“Doctors, don’t go near it..or you’ll catch a cold.” Khun Chu Sa-nga was afraid that the doctor would catch a cold from Chao Keng. who has symptoms of sneezing and runny nose all the time “I probably just have air allergies or the flu, doctor.” “How do you know?” “Well, I got the flu shot.” ​​“When?” “Last year.” “And this year I got the shot. Or not yet?…Let’s go. Go get the injection with me..they have to get booster injections every year.” “Take 4 species, doctor.” “Oh!…Oh, you know very well.”

Don’t understand that influenza usually only spreads during the rainy season. But in fact, it can spread throughout the year and at any age. Even healthy people can get it. Some patients may have only mild symptoms. But some people have severe symptoms and have to go to the hospital. And there were quite a few where complications resulted in death.

Influenza has more severe symptoms than the common cold. That is, there will be a risk of recurrence of congenital disease symptoms. and complications This includes pneumonia, bronchitis, or severe effects on the heart, blood vessels, and nervous system that can lead to death.

Influenza is prevented by vaccination. In the past, the 3-strain influenza vaccine was able to cover the A/H1N1, A/H3N2 and B strains of the virus, and vaccines were developed continuously until the latest in 2012. Health organizations The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended adding the B virus strain. Another strain of the vaccine is the Quadrivalent Influenza vaccine, which covers 4 strains of the virus, and WHO recommends vaccination with these 4 strains, which are more effective in providing comprehensive protection.

What are the benefits of the 4 strains of influenza vaccine?

In addition to protecting the body from all 4 strains of the flu virus, there are additional benefits as follows:

– Can prevent infection with type B influenza virus, covering this strain more than before.

-Reduce the rate of influenza outbreak

-Reduce problems from complications in young children, the elderly, and chronically ill people.

-Reduce the use of antibiotics from complications in bacterial infections.

-Reduce treatment costs

-Reduce absenteeism from work or school

-Reduce the rate of hospital admissions

-Reduce the death rate from influenza.

Why must I get the influenza vaccine every year?
Vaccination against influenza is recommended. Before the outbreak season (rainy season and winter) and spray continuously every year Especially for those in high-risk groups. This is because the body’s immune system will be lowered in a short period of time. Vaccination every year therefore stimulates the immune system to fight new strains of influenza each year.

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