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The Impact of Rising Ocean Temperatures on Shark Behavior and Marine Ecosystems

The temperature of the world’s oceans is getting hotter, it turns out that sharks, which are known as ferocious predators, become easily angry. Photo/Daily Mail

LONDON – Temperature ocean in a world that is getting hotter, it turns out to make sharks known as ferocious predators so easily angry. This shows that the rise in ocean temperature has made the living things in it easily agitated and angry.

Dr Simon Boxall from the University of Southampton said, predator such as sharks can become aggressive out of confusion in hotter ocean conditions. “Sharks are getting grumpy because they are so agitated by the hotter ocean temperatures,” he told the Telegraph quoted by SINDOnews, Wednesday (9/8/2023).

Copernicus data, the European Union’s weather service, revealed that sea surface temperatures reached an average of 20.96 degrees Celsius in early August 2023. This figure broke the previous highest temperature record in 2016 of 20.95 degrees Celsius.

Warmer seas cause problems for fish and coral and can result in sea level rise. As the oceans warm, fish such as cod may have to move farther north to reach the cooler seas they prefer.

“This could mean the number of fish such as cod is decreasing. Cod feed on tiny shrimp-like creatures called copepods, but changes in temperature can interfere with copepods breeding,” said Dr Katie Longo, of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Samantha Burgess, of the climate monitoring service, said the warmest oceans globally should be in March, not August. This change occurs as a result of the weather phenomenon El Nino, an unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

“The fact that we’ve seen the footage now makes me nervous about how warm the oceans might get between now and next March,” he told the BBC.


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