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Giuseppe Povia: Controversies, Music Career, and Future Plans

Giuseppe Povia he turned 50 last November. He is the father of two daughters, now almost girls, but his children in music, for eighteen years now, have not stopped “doing ohhh”. And all in all, with his counter-current, divisive, often misinterpreted gaze, he seems to have remained in the eyes of those little ones. With the purity of those who do not give up despite the ostracism suffered by the “system”. And looking at his calendar chock-full of musical events in every square in Italy, one thinks of two things. Which certainly, on the one hand, is good not to give up and on the other that, of course, there is an audience that follows him if the organizers keep calling him so much. After all, Povia had his years of successes, controversies and even triumphs. First in the charts for 20 weeks and gold disc with I bambini fa oh in 2005, part of the album Evviva i pazzi. Then Sanremo won with the pigeon cry of I wish I had a beak, in 2006, until the harsh controversies in the social sphere, which began with Luca was gay in 2009 and never ended until today, when, despite the radio and television oblivion descended on him , Povia continues to sing without stopping.

Povia, first of all how are you?
“He sings…” (smiles).

He has a busy schedule of concerts including festivals of gnocchi and arrostiscini. Tell us the secret of so much popularity without any promotion on the radio.
«Dunno… I’m close to people, I also sing themes that no one sings. Maybe that’s why they appreciate me and there’s a demand. Street parties are the most difficult, if you win over the people there, you can do it anywhere».

Look, they say you’re a right-wing man. Do you like this government and the new Rai born from your appointments?
«If singing in defense of children, workers, freedom, the Constitution, against drugs and for the national good means being right-wing, then ok. And I also like the Meloni government and the new Rai ».

Do you think you can try again to participate in the Sanremo Festival that you actually won in the last year of the longest-lived Berlusconi government in history?
“I’ve been dreaming about it and trying for years. I have an important project dedicated to my two teenage girls Emma and Amelia but it’s just a dream. I’m an independent producer and it’s even more difficult to come back».

Do you miss Cav? How did he react to her disappearance?
“I was very sorry. He was a very intelligent entrepreneur politician with strengths and weaknesses like everyone else ».

Have you ever tried to have direct contact with him? Maybe for some space in Mediaset…
«I met him in 2017 when I published It was better Berlusconi. He invited me to Palazzo Grazioli and complimented me. We exchanged a few quick jokes about Italy, Milan and the nice coup they suffered in 2011. I’m not looking for spaces unless it’s about music…”.

Listen but, by the way: in all these years have you received an invitation to be a judge in any talent show?
“No, but I’d love to if it’s music. On the other hand, they ask me at the Isola and at the GF with important cachets but I will never go there ».

Do you like talent or do you think they are the surface of one of the great deceptions that the system offers us?
«Talents are a way like any other to emerge, then it’s up to the artist to demonstrate depth and continuity».

But is she offended when they call her a “conspiracy theorist”?
«No, because when I ask what, they don’t answer or link fake Povia profiles. Often even some reporters fall for it. When I sing a theme I document myself, how can one think otherwise?».

Have you ever thought about going into politics?
“Never, I’m not passionate about… party politics”.

Apart from that, what do you think is a priority for our country?
“Oh my God … I think the control of the monetary system.”

Is pop a serious thing or is it a subject for slightly demented catchphrases?
«Both things come on. “Sovereignty belongs to Pop”, I will write a song about it».

So between Meneguzzi and J-Ax who is right?
“Both equal.”

To close it. She’s right wing but, in her own way, she’s busy and sang about topics like homosexuality and bulimia. How does this government seem to you on those issues?
«In Luca was gay I tell a story, in My sister as well, in We must save innocence I denounce the shameful practice of surrogacy. The Truth of Sanremo 2010 speaks of a life beyond death. I don’t know how the government thinks but there is no doubt that it is more traditional”.

One thing you don’t expect but would love if it happened?
«Well come on, a Sanremo after almost 15 years».

After all the festivals, what plans do you have?
«Dunno… my motto is “Live now”».

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