The ideal house for the Tesla Cybertruck

The presentation of Tesla Cybertruck He left no one indifferent and not only because of the failed attempt related to the armored glass that we all know, but rather by the design of the electric pick-up. So much so that even in remote territories of the United States, such as Russia, a design firm has created the ideal home to store the new creature of Elon Musk.

A maximum security bunker

I could go through some secret facilities of the US government in Area 51, but this multilevel bunker It has been designed for all those who are looking for a modern, futuristic and advanced house, where they can park their Cybertruk. And is that the style of the so-called ‘Cyberhouse’ It is very influenced by the pick-up, as can be seen in the images it has distributed Modern house, company responsible for this creation.


Modern house

Described as a self-sufficient home designed to withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions, as well as a zombie invasion or even a nuclear rain, this peculiar house has sloping walls of reinforced concrete and high-strength steel, to avoid environmental, mechanical and electromagnetic impacts. In addition, a series of armored windows, metal shutters and waterproof cameras add to the security.

Inspired by Cybertruck

According to the designers, the ‘Cyberhouse’ encompasses 300 square meters and perfectly combines inner and outer life. Perhaps the highlight is the outdoor area on the second floor designed to mimic the appearance of the Cybertruck’s back box. There is a roof with solar panels, a large fireplace, a large living room, many floors and a complicated staircase design that goes down to ground level. All this without forgetting the main lift designed to store the pick-up safely.


Modern house

Remember that the Tesla Cybertruck will arrive in 2022 with three versions differentiated by the number of electric thrusters. The most powerful will have a trio of engines to reach 100 km / h in less than three seconds, all with a capacity for six adults.

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