Comet Lake S: Intel plans 26 CPUs with up to 10 cores

Intel documents actually intended for partners show how the portfolio of the CPU generation called Comet Lake S looks: According to the slides, Intel plans 26 models from the dual-core Celeron to the ten-core Core i9. That is two cores more than at present Core i9-9900KS (test), which is why the smaller processors are sometimes upgraded with more cores or threads. In addition, there are new chipsets as usual, since the LGA 1200 socket requires reworked mainboards anyway.

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The Celeron stays at 2C / 2T, the Pentium again use 2C / 4T. The Core i3, however, have hyperthreading for 4C / 8T for the first time – almost three years ago, this was still the top model, the Core i7-7700K (test), Reserved. With the Core i5 and the Core i7, Intel also enables hyperthreading, which means the chips can use 6C / 12T and 8C / 16T. At the top there are 10C / 20T, the thermal power loss is 125 watts as with the 9900KS – that shouldn’t be enough for a full cycle. All Comet Lake S are produced in Intel’s own 14 nm process, apparently there are a 10C and a 6C die.

This also applies to the PCHs (Platform Controller Hubs), i.e. the chipsets or rather Southbridges or I / O hubs. As the overview shows, Intel is producing 22 nm PCHs again with the H310C and the B365 for relief. Only the Z390, H370, B360 and H310 are 14nm models. They are followed by the Z490, H470, B460 and H460. The latter two are identified as CML-PCH-V (Value), perhaps Intel uses 22 instead of 14 nm right from the start.

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Block diagram of the LGA-1200 platform (Image: Intel via WCCFT)

All Comet Lake S are designed for the LGA 1200 socket, the processors are electrically and mechanically incompatible with the LGA 1151 v2 socket – Intel has learned and moved the notches on the chips to the other side. The additional contacts are used, among other things, for a better voltage supply. The Comet Lake S platform is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020, with the launch window most recently in April (KW16 to KW18). As usual, the release is staggered, B460 / H410 will probably only appear a few weeks later.

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