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The headman protects the villagers. Confront a psychiatric patient I was hit by a hoe. Broken hips – broken limbs

HeadmanProtect the residents Confront a psychiatric patient I was hit by a hoe. Broken hips – broken limbs The villagers attacked the police station and cursed the accused.

(27 Feb 20) media personnewsReported that Lieutenant Colonel Teerawat Khamnin, Deputy Sor. (Investigation), Chumponburi Police Station, received a report from the Good Samaritan that a person was seriously injured and injured in the hut in the middle of the watermelon plantation. The entrance to Ban Khok Phet, Yawik Sub-district, Chumpon Buri District, Surin Province, which is about 300 meters from the road

Where the scene was a villager’s hut in the middle of the field Meet Mr. Watcharin, 47 years old, headman Khokphet Face up Wear a white shirt Wear over a black detention shirt, branded by the Department of Provincial Administration Lying in the blood With severe wounds on the face, a sharp appearance and a broken leg, a broken arm, a broken lung, a broken hip The rescuers in Yawik sub-district gave first aid before taking care of them at Chumpolburi Hospital and sent to the hospital. Surin Hospital later

Previously on February 25, 64 Mr. Watcharin, 47 years old, village headman Khokphet Was notified by the villagers that a stranger had entered the village Therefore, the village headman was worried about the safety of the villagers, therefore requesting additional strength from the Chumpolburi Police Station, but Mr. Watcharin Went out and checked for safety first Even being hit by a villain with a spade, hitting the head and broken legs, broken 2 sides, 3 parts, the right arm was broken and the whole body was crushed by the spade. On the same day, the police, led by Pol. Lt. Col. Aniwat, Surinwongpok, Police Police, Chumpolburi Has led the officer to investigate the victim within that day

Until found the perpetrator in the area and made an arrest, the name is known Mr. Tevitchchai Age 33 years After checking the history It was found that he was a psychiatric patient with two polarities and had to take sedatives all the time. Therefore detained for further interrogation at Chumponburi Police Station, and from the detection of narcotics did not find any In which the accused testified May be caused by a lack of medication Did not take the drug continuously And knew that the accused had ridden a motorcycle until the gas was exhausted It then stole a motorcycle from the villagers in the area. Riding until the scene before the incident While Mr. Watcharin Stay in the ICU room at Surin Hospital without being over the danger limit.

Latest today, February 27, 64 at approximately 8:00 am. Police Officer, Chumponburi Police Station Led the cause to make a plan for the confession Keeping villagers or relatives from approaching Afraid of lynching

Later the same day The injured relatives gathered to look at the victims at the Chumponburi Police Station, with Police Colonel Aniwat Surinwong, Ph.D., Chumpolburi Police Station. Interacted with relatives to understand before allowing them to look at the perpetrators. With both relatives and daughters cursing the perpetrators in anger And cry out with regret

Initially, the police Police Lieutenant Colonel Teerawat Kamnin, Deputy Police Station (Investigation), Chumponburi Police Station, reported the allegations. Attempt to kill government officials while performing trespassing and robbing duties on different occasions.

The injured woman Nang Phang, aged 42, said that around 1:00 pm on February 25, 64, she received a call from the elder’s sister saying His younger brother was physically assaulted. “Will you survive?” So he asked him to hurry to look at Chumponburi Hospital. At that time, he felt so sad that he hadn’t been hurt by his knees because of the heavy burden. Sisaket Province, while the youngest son works at Tha Sai in the 17-year-old area, both of whom are very sad, unable to speak at all. Which he wants the police to take the case against this person to the end I don’t want it to come out to be a danger to society again.

By the side of the cause himself He did not know anything. By the way, the injured person is currently resting in the ICU room, Surin Hospital without any improvement. Which the doctor said Sharpened throat tubes The hospital cannot sew. Must be forwarded to Bangkok The perpetrators used a hoe in the cabin to sneeze at the head, two wounds, a broken arm, a broken leg and a bruise to the stomach caused by the pounding.

Miss Kanjana, the injured daughter, aged 21, said that she was studying at Sisaket Rajabhat University, 3rd year, with relatives in the village calling to tell him that his father was abused. Knowing that the symptoms were very serious After knowingnews He was very sad because his father was a pillar of the family. And send it to him to study Which now he still can not see what the day ahead will be When the pillars fell ill like this He still could not think that What will the study look like in the future? However, we will continue to fight until graduation. Therefore would like to leave relevant agencies to take care of their families as well

Mr. Rachan, 50 years old, said that on February 25 at around 11:00 am, on that day, there were young women in the same village. Came to raise cattle in the area of ​​the crime Ran to tell him that The perpetrators lived in this hut. With a suspicious expression Think that might be a bad person By sitting and looking at a woman raising cattle in a frightening manner The young women ran to tell them who were working on construction in the village. That let them go out and see A big man Distrustful demeanor Himself with four people at the scene of the accident At that moment he saw the perpetrators rising from the pond He therefore asked, “Why did you come?” Came to dismantle the plumbing and smash it away He therefore said that It is owned by Why do you mess with him? The perpetrator had slapped a knife on his chest, saying that “I’m the owner. What will you get from me? “

After that, he saw a poor appearance, like a drunken man who seemed insecure. They then traveled into the village, informed the village headman and coordinated the police to come into the area. In which he reiterated with the injured village headman that Do not go alone Because it is a dangerous person After that he saw the injured car coming out for quite some time. So he saw the accused stealing the Saleng car with the students. And drove into the village So he was confused and called the village headman. But the destination does not receive any calls Themselves and the suspects went out to look at the scene of the hut and saw the headman lying still in the blood. At that time the headman was still conscious

Mr. Rajan continued that As he got to know the village headman, you are a good person, an easy person who is friends with him and is close to each other. Because he saw with his own eyes that such a person was not normal

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