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The government’s goal is for the average salary to reach 1,500 euros – 2024-03-03 21:49:17

Until March 22, 2024, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Domna Michailidouwill propose to the cabinet the new increase in the minimum wage, said the Deputy Minister of Labour, Vassilis Spanakis, speaking on a program of the ANT1 television station.

As he said, from April 1, 2024, the new minimum wage will be implemented. “How much, we will see precisely then, because what will be decided will be documented. However, it will have the number 8 in front of it…” said the Deputy Minister of Labor.

At another point in his interview and on the same topic, Mr. Spanakis said: “There are too many companies that have already announced an increase in their starting salary, before the increase in the minimum wage. That is, in the labor market, at the moment, we see a positive domino effect for the worker and his earnings. The main government goal is to reach the average salary of 1,500 euros. Today, the average salary is 1,251 euros, while in previous years it was much lower. Furthermore, based on her data ELSTAT for January, there is a decrease in the unemployment rate among women and young people compared to January 2023. Regarding unemployment, the average wage, the minimum wage and everything related to labor issues, we are within our pre-election commitments ».

At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Labor noted that the increase in the minimum wage will drag upwards more than 25 allowancessuch as maternity benefit, unemployment benefit and many others.

Also, as he underlined, those working in the tourism sector will also have higher and better salaries.

For the working pensioners, Mr. Spanakis emphasized that so far, 25,000 working pensioners have declared their employment on the platform within a few 24 hours and added that the government abolished the withholding of 30%, i.e. the penalty that existed and reduced the pension, when a pensioner wanted to work.

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