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The GlücksSpirale special drawing / million dollar prize goes to the Krefeld area

Munster (ots) –

The dream of owning your own home: For a player from the Krefeld area, it can now come true. Because in the special national lucky spiral drawing on Saturday 12 November, he or she won one million euros for her dream property.

dream house

At home. There is probably no other place where most people feel more comfortable than here. It is even more beautiful when you are also within your own four walls. For a lucky guy from the Krefeld area, this wish could come true. Because in the GlücksSpirale special drawing on November 12 (Saturday), the hitherto unknown tipper won one million euros for a dream property. In addition, ten other people from North Rhine-Westphalia can look forward to 10,000 euros. This amount has also been drawn 100 times nationwide.

GlücksSpirale: Immediate withdrawal

The GlücksSpirale is known and appreciated for the possibility of a monthly pension of 10,000 euros for 20 years (possibility 1: 10 million). With a full ticket (EUR 5.00) 100 percent of the prize is paid, with the half (EUR 2.50) or fifth ticket (EUR 1.00) there is a corresponding prorated payment.

Semi-annual or annual subscription

For game participants who don’t want to miss any draw or special draw, we recommend a semi-annual or annual ticket or a long-term tip. Tickets are available at every WestLotto acceptance point or online at www.westlotto.de.

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