The Game Awards 2023 gala gives up one of its most iconic elements

There will not be a single World Premiere at the Game Awards 2023. The organization is changing its focus for the coming years.

In just over a week, video game fans have an appointment with Geoff Keighley and The Game Awards ceremony. The nominees have already been revealed, with Nintendo’s double aiming for GOTY, but this year we are going to notice a big absence at the ceremony on December 8. The Game Awards 2023 They will not have one of the most iconic elements of this event: the World Premiere.

The ceremony’s producer and host, Keighley, did a Q&A on Twitch this past weekend. In it, one of the users asked about how many World Premieres there will be at The Game Awards 2023and the answer was that he had not counted them, although he estimates that more or less the same as previous yearss. However, he added something more about it:

In fact, you’re going to see it this year, we used to put up those signs,world premiere, world premiere’… But we are moving away from this. Simply, because then everything is like… ‘is this a first look?’ ‘is it an advertisement?’, etc. So we’re going to treat it all like cool video game content.

Geoff Keighley, host and producer of The Game Awards

It seems that this year We are not going to see a single World Premiere at the Game Awards, although there will continue to be scoops and news. Will Nintendo give any surprise at this year’s gala or will it prefer to continue playing by its own rules as it has done in recent years? The only way to know is to wait until the early hours of December 7 to 8, the same date that could bring us the first GTA 6 trailer.


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