Raffi Ahmad talks about polygamy, Nagita Slavina: Please, but I’m back

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Raffi Ahmad | back to discussing polygamy with his wife Nagita Slavina. But this time Raffi also discussed the matter together Olla Ramlan.

Raffi had questioned about Olla’s opinion if the husband was polygamous. However, Olla asked back about Raffi wanting polygamy if he got permission from Nagita.

“Is there really an interest from Raffi, I want to ask. If Gigi allowed (polygamy) would you like it?,” Olla asked in a Rans Entertainment YouTube show reported on Sunday (27/6).

Raffi without hesitation admitted that he did not want to practice polygamy. Raffi even revealed the reason he refused to polygamy.

“Because at my age, I’m stubborn. Now I don’t think about it. A man already has to think about the future. I’ve found what his life priorities are for, that’s for sure he knows what he has to do,” said Raffi.

However, Nagita actually gave a different view from Raffi. Nagita actually doesn’t mind if Raffi is polygamous.

“I always say, as far as I know, it’s like that, right, (polygamy) is allowed. Please, it’s okay but I backed off,” said Nagita.

Nagita knows very well that polygamy is one of the the way to heaven in Islam. But he feels there are still many ways to get to heaven other than through polygamy.

“Indeed, that is the way to heaven, but there are many roads to heaven, shay,” concluded Nagita.

(ikh / ikh)

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