The four scenarios in which Verstappen can become world champion in Saudi Arabia

With two Grands Prix to go, it is unabatedly exciting in the battle for the Formula 1 world title for 2021. Max Verstappen has been in the lead since the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, but Lewis Hamilton did not grant the Dutchman a big lead.

After Lewis Hamilton’s two victories in Brazil and Qatar, the lead has shrunk to a paltry eight points. With two races to go, everything is possible in the battle for the world title. Verstappen is the only one who can already secure the world title during the upcoming race in the streets of Jeddah.

Verstappen must run eighteen points

If Verstappen and Hamilton end the season on the same level in terms of points, the title will go to the Red Bull driver. He has won the most victories, and in the event of a tie, that is the first criterion to be considered.

So if the Dutchman wants to become champion in Jeddah, he must be 26 points ahead of Hamilton (a win + fastest lap) at the end of the Saudi Arabian GP. Currently the gap is eight points, so he will have to outrun the seven-time champion by eighteen points.

The four scenarios

  • Verstappen wins the race and sets the fastest lap (26 points) and Hamilton finishes sixth or lower (max 8 points).
  • Verstappen wins the race without fastest lap (25 points) and Hamilton finishes seventh or lower (max 6 points).
  • Verstappen finishes second and fastest lap (19 points) and Hamilton is tenth or lower (max 1 point).
  • Verstappen finishes second without fastest lap (18 points) and Hamilton finishes outside the points.

The winner takes it all

Although these four scenarios sound very nice and nice, on paper there seems to be a huge chance that the title fight will only be decided in Abu Dhabi. There is even a scenario in which Verstappen and Hamilton travel to the Yas Marina circuit with exactly the same number of points.

If Hamilton wins including fastest lap and Verstappen is second, then the duo will go to Abu Dhabi with 369.5 points. And then the calculations are very easy: The winner takes it all. Whatever may happen, it could be two very exciting Grand Prix weekends.

Verstappen must hope for a miracle from Red Bull and Honda

Although Max Verstappen is heading for the last two races as leader in the Formula 1 championship, the Dutchman will have to hope for a small miracle from Red Bull and Honda.



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