The former police chief is in good shape …

Specialists from the National Revenue Agency – Veliko Tarnovo looked closely at the income and property of the former police chief in Plovdiv and his wife for 5 years. The investigation began minutes after the senior commissioner was relieved of his post on August 16, 2021.

Neat. This is the statement of the National Revenue Agency – Veliko Tarnovo, after specialists from the Directorate carried out a thorough inspection of the former head of the Plovdiv Police, Senior Commissioner Yordan Rogachev and his wife Nikoleta Parahuleva-Rogacheva. The income and property they owned five years ago were examined under a magnifying glass.

The investigation began on August 16th, minutes after Rogachev himself announced to Maritza that he had been disciplined. On the same day, an employee of the National Revenue Agency in Veliko Tarnovo called his wife and informed her that an audit was beginning. Even then, Rogachev said he was not worried about anything, and the results confirmed it. The inspection ended on January 10.

We remind you that in July 2019 Rogachev was appointed director of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior – Plovdiv with the rank of senior commissioner. He took the chair of Atanas Ilkov, who took over the police in Kardzhali. To date, Ilkov is Deputy Director of the General Directorate of the National Police.

Last summer, Rogachev was removed from office by order of Boyko Rashkov. In his place for several months at the head of the Plovdiv police was Petar Todorov, a longtime staff member of the system and head of the First District. Subsequently, Todorov rose to the position of Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Interior and entrusted the police in the city under the hills of Dimitar Balev, who came from the BOP system.

Under Rogachev’s directorate, it has become one of the leaders in Bulgaria in the fight against crime. Domestic crime has been significantly reduced, severe accidents with casualties have been significantly reduced.

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During the period of his rule, the largest decrease in the number of road accidents was registered – of those killed and injured in a comparative 5- and 10-year period. Rogachev admits that he has achieved this thanks to the exceptional cooperation with the prosecutor’s office – at the regional, district and appellate levels. While he was head of the Plovdiv police, a large number of drug dealers were detained in the area of ​​schools, restaurants and public places. Many of them have already been convicted. During that period, many illegal factories for processing, producing or storing tobacco products without excise labels were broken into. In just a few days, three well-concealed illegal factories in the villages of Zhelyazno, Calapitsa and Kalekovets were smashed.

Rogachev was at the heart of a number of campaigns and initiatives aimed at children and young drivers. In his role as director, he saturated small towns with uniforms, which significantly reduced domestic crime there.


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