The Flying Speed ​​of This Bird is 354 Kilometers per Hour, The Fastest in the World

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBird basic kawah (Falco peregrinus) is a predatory animal with the fastest flight speed in the world. To quote a science news site Live Science, When hovering regularly in the air, the flying speed of the crater rim is between 64 kilometers per hour to 97 kilometers per hour. The maximum flight speed of the Crater Falcon can reach 354 kilometers per hour. That flying ability exceeds the golden eagle’s maximum speed (Aquila chrysaetos), 320 kilometer per jam.

Speed flying crater clouds have been studied by many scientists including from the Institute of Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics and Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. The German scientists recorded a number of crater clouds that flew diving to hunt for prey.

Researchers from the Institute of Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics explained that the crater kestrel uses feathers on certain body parts to control the speed and direction of the dive. The conclusion was after observing high-resolution video footage.

Continuing laboratory research, the researchers found small hairs on the back that are useful for crater mussels to maneuver to improve aerodynamics at top speed. The function of the feathers is to keep the air flowing smoothly on the reeds of the crater.

The condition of the feathers sticking out and closing at a certain angle to slow down or increase speed when dipping. Researchers liken the function of the feathers to the wings of an airplane.

As for other findings, when the crater kestrel dives at maximum speed, its body and wings form the letter V. Quoting the Boston University page, the crater kestrel does adjust its speed using its slender wings, strong muscles and sternum, as well as stiff feathers. It is the combination of body structure and aerodynamic capabilities that makes the crater cockroach able to fly very fast beyond species Hawk other.


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