The Flu Vaccine: Debunking Myths and Highlighting Importance of Vaccination

The vaccine is the main measure to prevent the flu. From the Ministry of Health of Córdoba they clarify some doubts about the subject and remember the importance of going to the 800 available vaccinations to complete the schemes. But of course it is also possible to do it in the extensive network of pharmacies throughout Córdoba.

From the provincial Department of Immunizations, they highlighted relevant information and debunked some myths that are often repeated without foundation.

“The flu vaccine causes the disease.” It’s false. The vaccine contains killed viruses that do not transmit the disease. It can cause some adverse effect in the body, but not make you sick. Less than one percent of vaccinated people develop flu-like symptoms, such as mild fever and muscle aches. Also, these side effects are not the same as the actual disease.

Also that protective immunity develops in the period from the first to the second week after vaccination. It is always possible that a recently vaccinated person could be exposed to the disease before their antibodies form and therefore develop the flu. This can lead to someone mistakenly believing that they have gotten sick from the vaccination.

“If I didn’t get vaccinated before winter, it no longer makes sense to get the dose.” It’s false. Although it is best to get vaccinated before winter, as long as the virus is circulating, those people belonging to risk groups who have not been vaccinated should receive their dose to be protected.

“The flu vaccine should be placed once in a lifetime.” It’s false. It is important to apply it annually, since the flu virus strains mutate. Therefore, its formulation changes in each campaign, according to the circulating virus strains. In addition, the antibodies that arise as a result of vaccination lose their protective effect as time passes.

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“The flu vaccine can be co-administered with other vaccines.” It’s true. It can be applied along with any other, including the doses for Covid-19.

“Pregnant people cannot be vaccinated against the flu.” Fake. They are at increased risk of severe illness, hospitalizations, and death from influenza, and are also at increased risk of stillbirth, perinatal death, preterm delivery, and growth retardation of the baby. It is essential that they be vaccinated in any trimester of pregnancy. Immunization during pregnancy provides protection to the pregnant person and the baby by passing antibodies across the placenta.

Who should receive the vaccine? It is indicated for the following target groups: boys and girls from 6 to 24 months; pregnant people – in any trimester of gestation – and puerperal women (up to 10 days after leaving the maternity hospital), over 65 years of age, health teams, people from 2 years to 64 years of age who have risk factors and strategic personnel.

The people included in these target groups who have not yet been vaccinated can do so for free in the more than 800 vaccination centers that the province has.

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