The fish to eat after the age of 40 to prevent cancer, heart and neurodegenerative diseases

When you reach the goal of the “door” is not only the age to mark a change. Through an adequate lifestyle it is possible to slow down the aging process starting right from the choices at the table. Below we see what fish to eat after the age of 40 to prevent cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases

The secret of longevity enclosed in a simple nutrient

A very recent scientific study has shown that one of the elixirs of life is present in Omega-3 fatty acids. These substances can guarantee longevity for the people who take them and prevent numerous diseases. Researchers collected data from 17 different studies creating an overview of the effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The scheme showed how these molecules contribute to giving long life to the subjects who assimilate them. The benefits of Omega-3s, combined with training, can also affect the brain. We have suggested some brain training activities in the article “how to slow down the aging of the brain with these 5 effective strategies”.

The fish to eat after the age of 40 to prevent cancer, heart and neurodegenerative diseases

Going into adulthood and old age it is possible that the body suffers from deficiencies of fundamental nutrients. In this sense, in addition to an additional supplement, the problem could be solved by taking specific foods. In the case of Omega-3s, one of the richest sources of all is blue fish such as mackerel, anchovies and sardines. These fish that populate our seas as well as being very nutritious also boast rather low prices. All the more reason to have at least 2-3 portions of fish a week.

The “good fats” present in oily fish help to stay healthy without straining the heart, liver, intestines and brain. Those who do not particularly love fish can also find vegetable sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

We have provided an example of the article “a mine of Omega-3 in these seeds to prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases“. In this way, a long and healthy life can be guaranteed.


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