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Getting vaccinated against the coronavirus in New York seems to be a fairly simple procedure for those who reside there, be they locals or immigrants. Yesterday, the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, confirmed that more than 4.6 million people have already received the first dose of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, last week, the authorities expanded the age range of people who can request the vaccine: last week they began to inoculate those over 30 years old and, as of yesterday, those over 16 years old joined.

The journalist from PEOPLE Ronen Suarc He has lived in Manhattan since 2019 and received the first dose on Monday. “Vcradled in New York inside a pharmacy. The vaccine is free for everyone. And the places yes. Random”He announced from his Twitter account.

In dialogue with PEOPLE, the communicator he told his experience and how is the process by which any resident of the Big Apple can be inoculated for free regardless of their immigration status.

In all places it is free, provided by the State that tells you the places where they apply, even in pharmacies and supermarkets”Says Ronen.

The 42-year-old journalist explained that in principle all it takes is to take a turn, It can be obtained in two ways: through the official website of the New York City government and through a website called TurboVax. “It not only tells you the places that the State has where the vaccine is given, but also pharmacies and private places,” he said.

The certificate that Ronen Suarc obtained after applying the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine

Two weeks ago they told me that there were more shifts because vaccination was opened for people over 30 years old. So what I did was start searching almost every day by updating the page. In TurboVax they enabled about 6000 new shifts and then I got a pharmacy, which here is a kind of supermarkets too, two blocks from Times Square”Suarc continued.

Once the turn is achieved, no preparation is required, just identification and proof of a place of residence. “You need a driver’s license, passport, or something to prove your identity. Nobody asks you if you are a legal or illegal immigrant ”, he added.

Can it be applied to tourists? The answer is no, although according to Ronen “it remains a little conscientious of each”. “The idea is that it is for residents, not tourists. You have to somehow prove where you live. But since people are so trusted here, there is not much chance that someone will put an address where they do not live. That is why no one is going to ask you for a document that has to do with your immigration status.”. In this line he added: “If someone has an apartment here and wants to get vaccinated, they have the option of doing it because they pay the taxes. The idea is to immunize those who reside here, but it is a bit up to each individual’s discretion.”.

In this sense, he pointed out that in the vaccination campaign “there is low participation of immigrants a little for fear of the vaccine and also for the immigration issue”.

This is how the journalist last Monday the first dose of the Pfizer was applied and already got the turn for the second. “My arm hurt a little after just getting vaccinated”Said Suarc, and was grateful for his vaccination certificate.

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