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MOTOR Plus-online.com – What the government has been waiting for is when the government will distribute money in the form of credit assistance to the community.

Quickly apply for a loan of Rp. 100 million per person from the government through 3 banks. The submission is easy and without collateral.

As for those appointed to channel credit or loans without collateral through the Himbara bank alias owned by the government.

The banks that are included in the Himbara alias association of state-owned banks include Banks BRI, BNI and Mandiri.

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Credit of Rp. 100 million in the form of loans without collateral for business capital of MSME players.

The unsecured loan is included in the KUR (People’s Business Credit) program.

KUR for business actors or UMKM has an enlarged ceiling, originally at Rp. 50 million, now it has become Rp. 100 million per person.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto said the KUR ceiling without collateral was increased to Rp. 100 million from Rp. 50 million.

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The adjustment of the KUR amount was made because the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, asked that the portion of UMKM financing be able to reach a level of more than 30 percent by 2024.

As for now, the portion of MSME financing is at the level of 18 percent – 20 percent.

“The President asks that a bigger challenge be given so that there is an increase in leaps and bounds, so that the President gives direction for MSME credit, the target in 2024 is more than 30 percent,” said Airlangga in a virtual conference after the Limited Meeting (Ratas), Monday (5/4 / 2021).

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Reporting from the official website of each bank, the following are the requirements for applying for KUR at Bank BRI, BNI and Mandiri as follows:

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Quoted from the official BRI website, BRI People’s Business Credit (KUR) consists of 3 types, namely KUR Micro, Retail KUR, and KUR TKI.

1. KUR Micro Bank BRI

Working capital or investment credit with a ceiling of up to IDR 25 million per debtor.

Requirements for prospective debtors:

– Individuals or individuals who carry out productive and feasible businesses
– Has been doing business actively for at least 6 months
– Not receiving credit from banks, except for consumer loans such as KPR, KKB and Credit Cards.
– Administrative requirements, identity in the form of KTP, family card, and business license.

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2. KUR Kecil Bank BRI

Working capital or investment loans to those who have productive and feasible businesses with a ceiling of more than Rp. 25 million to Rp. 500 million.
Requirements for prospective debtors:

– Have a productive and worthy effort.
– Not receiving credit from banks, except for consumer loans such as KPR, KKB and Credit Cards.
– Active effort for at least 6 months.
– Have a micro and small business permit (IUMK) or other business permits


Credit to finance the departure of prospective migrant workers to placement countries with a ceiling of up to Rp 25 million.

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Requirements for prospective debtors:

Individual or individual prospective migrant workers who will go to work in a placement country.

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Administrative requirements in the form of identity in the form of KTP and family card, work agreements with service users, placement agreements, as well as passports, visas, and other requirements according to the provisions.


According to BNI’s official website, BNI People’s Business Credit is given a quick processing facility with a nominal above Rp 10 million to Rp 50 million.

It can be paid in installments of up to 60 months and an effective low interest rate of 6% per year and no additional guarantee is required.

General requirements for individual KUR Micro BNI applicants

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1. Criteria for Debtors
– Individuals / individuals or business entities in this case Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

– Family members of employees who have fixed income or work as Indonesian workers (TKI), TKI who have retired from working abroad, and workers who have been laid off (PHK), who are doing productive and feasible business but do not have collateral additional or additional collateral is not enough.

2. Business Licensing
Individuals / individuals or individual business entities: at least a Micro and Small Business License (IUMK) issued by the Regional Government and / or a business certificate from the local Kelurahan or other permit.
Business entities other than point a above refer to BNI regulations.

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3. Bank Credit Quality (if any) is current.

4. Minimum 6 (six) months business experience.

5. The age of the applicant (especially for individual / individual applicants) is at least 21 years old or not yet 21 years old but already married.

6. Not currently receiving productive credit from banks and / or not receiving program credit from the Government (except KUR).

7. NPWP: Not required.

8. Guarantee: No additional guarantee is required.

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Bank Mandiri KUR

Bank Mandiri KUR with an interest rate of 6 percent per year.

Bank Mandiri KUR has four types.

1. WHEN Micro
Maximum limit of IDR 25 million.

A maximum period of 3 (three) years for working capital credit / financing. Or a maximum of 5 (five) years for credit / investment financing.

2. Small KUR

Limit of IDR 25 million to IDR 500 million.
A maximum period of 4 (four) years for working capital credit / financing.

Or a maximum of 5 (five) years for credit / investment financing.

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The term of KUR for placement of Indonesian workers is the same as the period of the work contract and does not exceed a maximum period of 3 (three) years. The maximum credit limit for KUR TKI is IDR 25 million.

4. Special KUR
Maximum period of 4 years for working capital credit / financing. Or a maximum of 5 (five) years for credit / investment financing. Special KUR credit limit above IDR 25 million to IDR 500 million.

Submission requirements:

-Do not have credit at the same dealer, home ownership credit, motor vehicle credit / leasing, credit cards, and warehouse receipts with current collectibility.

-Still have a productive Credit and / or Program Credit debit outside KUR but have paid it off.

-Not included in the National Black List of Blank Check and / or Bilyet Giro Withdrawals.

-A minimum age of the prospective debtor is 21 years or already married and when the credit is paid off, the maximum age is 60 years.

-Have a productive and decent business that has been running for 6 months.

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