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The film by Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves that you can now see on Netflix – 2024-03-02 20:56:29

A film starring Cuban actress Ana de Armas is now available on Netflix for the public to enjoy, it is nothing less than a suspense thriller The Dark Side of Desirewhere the Cuban shared credits with the American Keany Reeves.

The film arrived on Netflix this week, causing great expectation among the interpreter’s fans who had not had the opportunity to see it, since it was the Cuban’s first major film project in Hollywood, and the one that would open the doors to important roles in great productions.

Filmed in Chile and released in 2015, the film follows the story of Evan Webber, played by Reeves, an architect and family man who is home alone during a stormy weekend. Just then, two young people appear at his door looking for help, but it’s all a trap that leads him to live anyone’s worst nightmare.

The feature film, 1 hour and 40 minutes long, had a budget of 3 million dollars, however, it did not achieve great success at the box office, and barely managed to recover the investment. Now, with its arrival on Netflix, the producers aspire to have a better reception from the public.

The truth is that, despite the great cast, on the American film and television review website, Rotten Tomatoes, the film was rated with less than 3 stars and in the audience vote it obtained only 26% approval, which means that the film is quite bad.

The plot is based on the 1977 film, Death gamesdirected by Peter S. Traynor, which in turn has been compared to Funny Gamesby Michael Haneke, one of the most famous German horror films, which has an American remake by the same director, starring Naomi Watts.

Despite the bad reviews, the arrival of the Cuban film on the most famous streaming platform helps keep it in the public eye, all on the eve of the premieres of Ballerinay Edenoriginally called The origin of speciesand is expected to hit theaters this year.

About the spin-off of John Wickwhere De Armas and Reeves will once again share credits, was expected to arrive in theaters this summer, but the producers decided to delay the premiere until 2025.

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