Surrounded by Puppies on Jimmy Fallon, Keanu Reeves’ Heart Melts for All

Keanu Reeves He is one of the most loved Hollywood stars by the public. Not only because of his attitudes outside of filming, his simplicity and kindness, but because his last character, John Wick, is a staunch defender of animals, because if it weren’t for his little pet being messed with, nothing would have happened. […]

Keanu Reeves returns as John Constantine

17 years after the success of “Constantine”, Hollywood star Keanu Reeves reprises his old role. Keanu Reeves will soon be able to play a 17-year-old role again. – DFree / A.D the essentials in short Keanu Reeves reprises his role as an exorcist in the horror film Constantine. The film debuted in 2005 and […]

Keanu Reeves revolutionizes social networks with his most up-to-date rebellion

Keanu Reeves He is renowned around the environment for his roles in motion films like The Matrix, but very last weekend the actor went viral on social networks for a problem that remaining all people staring and unable to believe their possess. eyes. . The protagonist of John Wick traveled to the British isles and […]

Excited! Viral Keanu Reeves vs Boy at New York Airport

Jakarta – Figure Keanu Reeves much talked about after he patiently answered all the questions his young fans had at the airport. It’s no secret, this actor is famous for being friendly. On Twitter recently Keanu Reeves became a conversation. Travel+Leasure reported, Thursday (7/7/2022) that the reason this handsome actor went viral was because he […]

Keanu Reeves censored in China after traveling to Tibet

After supporting a charity event organized in collaboration with the Dalai Lama, Chinese streaming platforms have deleted nineteen films by the Canadian actor, including Matrix and Everything can happen. While the 57-year-old actor traveled to Tibet on March 3 for the 35th edition of the Tibet House Benefit Concert charity event organized in collaboration with […]

John Wick 4: Keanu Reeves shoots new scenes in New York

With Ian McShane, they’re enjoying the snow. If Keanu Reeves celebrated the end of the shooting of John Wick 4 in Paris, last October, by offering luxury watches to stuntmen, he finally filmed a few more shots, at the beginning of February, in New York. Taking advantage of the snow, the actor was spotted by […]