The FIGC opens the investigation into Juventus: fine, penalty, relegation, what the bianconeri risk

The Prosecutor of the Football Federation has opened a proceeding on private agreements between the Juventus and its players, through which, according to the hypothesis of Public Prosecutor’s Office of Turinthere would have been a fictitious cut in wages and a reduction in costs in the financial statements of 30 June 2020 and 30 June 2021 omitting the debt position towards the members. The federal prosecutor’s office, led by Giuseppe Chinè, had received in recent days from the Turin magistrates the documents relating to the investigations into the capital gains of the Juventus clubwhose board resigned on Monday. On this front, the investigation by the federal prosecutor’s office has therefore already been launched as the matter is not included in the sports justice procedure which ended last May, with the final decision pronounced by the federal appeals court in joint sections. In that case, in fact, the so-called capital gains were over (9 companies and 59 executives): the two levels of sporting judgment had established the impossibility of defining an objective method for evaluating the market value of a footballer. On this aspect, the Attorney Chine will have to verify whether among the documents, never sent before to the sports justice body, and in particular in the results of the operations of interception of conversations, new facts emerge which can be considered decisive for the revision of that decision, at least as regards the facts disputed against Juventus.

Now what is Juventus at risk at a sporting level? Here’s what article 31 of the Sports Justice Code says – Violations in management and economic matters – paragraph 2 and 3.

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Article 31 of the Sports Justice Code

“A company which, by falsifying its accounting or administrative documents or through any other illicit or elusive activity, attempts to obtain or obtains entry to a competition to which it could not have been admitted on the basis of the provisions in force, is punished with one of the penalties provided for by Article 8, paragraph 1, letters g), h), i), l)”. And then again, paragraph 3: “The club that makes agreements with its members or in any case pays them fees, bonuses or indemnities in violation of the federal provisions in force, is punished with a fine ranging from one to three times the amount unlawfully agreed or paid, to which may be added the penalty of one or more points in the standings”.

What would Juventus risk if the maneuvers had NOT affected their registration for the championship:

The sanctions could be limited to a fine – from one to three times the amount illegally agreed or paid – and to the inhibition of the various executives involved.

What would Juventus risk if the maneuvers affected their registration for the championship:

g) penalty of one or more points in the standings; if the penalty on the score is ineffective in terms of affliction in the current sports season, it is discounted, in whole or in part, in the following sports season;

h) relegation to the last place in the standings of the relevant championship or any other compulsory competitive competition; the relegation to the last place in any case involves the passage to the lower category;

i) exclusion from the relevant championship or from any other compulsory competitive competition, with assignment by the Federal Council to one of the lower category championships;

l) non-assignment or revocation of the assignment of the title of champion of Italy or winner of the championship, the relevant group or official competition.

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